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Waiting in the rain (4:38)

This peaceful track contains the melodies and movements in soft ambient music that will do thier best to help you effortlessly reach a purposeful yet relaxed state of mind.

Track Length: 4minutes 38 second.
Music style: Gentle piano, Ambient.

Waiting in the rain (4:38)

  • Artist: James Osman

    Year: 2020

    Bio: It wasn't cold. It wasn't a bad day, I was waiting. Partly in contemplation of how to pass the time, but also in a dreamy like state of awe and fascination. There was a slight sense of anticipation, yet I was calmly here in the moment. The rain played gentle music in my head, and the calm ambience of waiting patiently seemed to surround me and take me somewhere peaceful that I'd never been before.

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