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SKIN - Tea Tree and Avocado - 12ml carry glass


SKIN - Tea Tree and Avocado - 12ml carry glass

  • MOISTURE AND NUTRIENTS (non-greasy and easily absorbed)

    A high quality blend of tea tree essential oil and a rich, nutritious carrier oil, avocado. This blend is used to balance skin, control and is gentle enough to use on most skin types.

    There are no artificial fragrances so it's great for skin that is sensitive to artificial compounds.
    Avocado oil contains precious nutrients that can revive your skin, and it doesn't leave a greasy texture.
    The essential oil tea tree is refreshing and more importantly, tea tree has been used as an antiseptic by native communities for thousands of years. It's well know to have positive effects on acne and other skin problems. (This product is great for your skin, however, if your skin is particularly prone to clogged pores with acne, you may want to try the Tea Tree and Almond oil blend instead. Almond oil is less likely to clog pores).

    This product comes in an easy to carry 12ml bottle, perfect for travel. Keep it with you wherever you go.

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