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Massage - Pure Energy

Pure Energy (50/100ml)

100% pure oil, no artificial fragrances.


The Energy massage oil contains:

Soya Bean Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lemon Cold Pressed Oil, Peppermint Arvensis Oil, Eucalyptus Blue Gum Oil.


The oils are quality tested and provide a great, natural aroma from the specially selected blend of essential oils.

The rosemary and lemon oils can provide you with an energy boost, while the peppermint and eucalyptus are know to open the airways which allows more oxygen into the lungs. Rosemary oil is also well know for muscle recovery, recucing muscle inflamation which relieves muscle pains.

The essential oils are mixed with soya bean carrier oil, which is fast becoming a popular carrier due to it's beneficial characteristics.

Soybean oil contains linoleic acid (which helps deliver essential fatty acids and decrease water loss aiding skin hydration) and Vitamin E (which provides antioxidant and environmental protection for the skin).

Soya bean oil forms a special suspension when mixed with water and absorbs easily into the skin. It may also help heal skin damage caused by air pollution and sun damage.

Massage - Pure Energy

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