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Carrier (base) Oils for Acne

NOTE: This page is great for general guidance, but if you have a particular health condition you should always consult a practicing professional. When you consult your dermatologist, you may want to talk with them about the following options. When mixing carrier oils with essential oils, an aromatherapist may also be able to guide you with your ratios.

Carrier oils most suitable for acne-prone skin

The lower the Comedogenic rating, the less likely the oils are to clog pores. So for people with acne prone skin, the base/carrier oil you choose is very important. When it comes to your skincare routines, choosing an oil with a Comedogenic rating of 2 or less, is best for acne prone skin.

Comedogenic Rating of zero very unlikely to clog pores

- Argan oil

- Hemp oil

- Safflower oil

- Sunflower oil

- Tomato seed oil

- Watermelon seed oil

- Shea butter

Comedogenic Rating -1less likely to clog pores

- Grapeseed oil

- Rosehip seed oil

- Prickly Pear oil

- Guava seed oil

- Cucumber seed oil

Comedogenic Rating -2some chances to clog pores

- Jojoba oil

- Black cumin seed oil

- Borage oil

- Pumpkin seed oil

- Mango butter

- Olive oil

- Almond oil

After choosing a carrier oil that matches well with your particular skin type, you may want to add some essential oils that will assist your skin in dealing with acne and other problematic symptoms associated with acne. Ensuring you balance the essential oils and base oils in the correct ratio is another important factor to skin care using oils.