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  A special gift for him  
This gift set is perfect for guys. The first product is avocado skin oil mixed with an essential oil for a subtle fragrance.
Avocado oil keeps skin moist, especially in winter times.
The second item is a Bergamot fragrace spray. The Bergamot essential oil refreshes and gives a light perfume that is not overpowering.

Refresh and Revive

Simple Nature

Pure is pure

SKin virtical lavender almond 3 LIGHT fr
Set 1 - Begamot

Pure essential oils are blended with carrier oils to make them gentle on your skin. The carrier oils we use contain nutrients for the skin and the essential oils have beneficial properties and great, natural aromas. The oils used in the Skin range are light and do not leave a greasy texture on your skin

Mask q1.jpg
Set 2 - Peppermint

Specially formulated to help relieve dry skin around problem areas while wearing masks. Used around ear and face areas the may feel irritated or sore from wearing masks on a regular basis. The oil also can be used to refresh your senses and leave a pleasant smell in your mask. Modern living meets a natural age old sulution.

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