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   Essential oil based care  
James Oils selects high quality essential oils and blends them carefully with natural and nutrient rich carrier oils to nourish and revitalize the skin.
A number of different pure and natural products are available.
From specially selected skin products that are kind to your skin, to pure essential oils that work great with a diffuser.
We try our hardest to provide a complete solution for natural well being that coincides with your hectic, modern lifestyle. All of the essential oils are lab tested and analysed in the U.K for quality and purity.

Refresh and Revive

Simple Nature

SKin virtical lavender almond 3 LIGHT fr

James Oils - Lavender Skin


Pure essential oils, blended with carefully selected carrier oils containing key nutrients for the skin.

From Avocado oil, containing vitamin E, to Almond Sweet oil leaving the skin with a natural shine, the skin range is a beautiful balance of nutrient rich carrier oils and natural, chemical free essential oils with a plethora of beneficial properties gifted to us from nature.

The specially selected oils used in this range will absorb easily into your skin, and won't leave a greasy texture on your skin.


James Oils - 100% Essential Oil 

Essential oils

Our specially selected range of essential oils, and a pre-blended selection are lab tested and analyzed to ensure the highest quality and purest product possible.

The product specific certificates are issued in the UK and we make it our personal priority to ensure the quality, source and method of extraction are best suited to providing pure, high quality oils.

We went with craft labels, and craft paper boxes for our basic range, our choice to work towards a more eco friendly future!

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